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Urological Associates of Southern Arizona now offers Xiaflex, an FDA-approved nonsurgical prescription treatment option for appropriate patients suffering with Peyronie’s Disease, which is an uncomfortable curvature of the penis. As Arizona’s leading provider in urological medicine, Xiaflex is just one of the treatments we offer to our patients that suffer from numerous urological problems.

What is Peyronie’s Disease


Peyronie’s disease is caused by a plaque under the skin that results in a bent, or curved, penis when erect. A Peyronie’s disease plaque may result from injury to the penis and/or genetic factors; sin embargo, the exact cause of Peyronie’s disease is unknown.

Peyronie’s disease is unlikely to go away on its own and may get worse over time. That’s why speaking to your HCP about it is so important. You can utilize treatments such as Xiaflex to treat the condition without invasive surgery and recovery time. If you live in the Tucson Area and have suffered these symptoms, please contact us today.

Peyronie’s Disease Facts

Our Specialists


Dr. Kenneth Choi came to Tucson in 1986, from Flagstaff to attend the University of Arizona undergraduate program, and received his medical degree in 1994. Dr. Choi’s focus in the practice is microscopic surgery, pediatric urology, erectile dysfunction, penile prosthesis placement and incontinence surgery. He is one of the most experienced urologists in Arizona with implantation of genitourinary prosthetic devices.

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Dr. Terence Favazza está certificado con la Junta Americana de Urología, y se unió a los Asociados en Urología 2004. Dr. Favazza es miembro de la Asociación Americana de Urología, el Colegio Americano de Cirujanos, la Asociación Americana de Urología Clínica y la Sociedad Americana Paraplejia. Ha dado varias presentaciones incluyendo temas urológicos relacionados con lesiones de la médula espinal y paraplejia.

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What to tell your HCP about your symptoms

While erectile curvature is the most visible symptom of Peyronie’s disease, it’s important to tell your HCP about all of your symptoms
When you meet with your HCP, be sure to discuss your erectile curvature and how Peyronie’s disease may bother you

Get Help Today

You don’t have to suffer the effects of Peyronie’s Disease any longer. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians that can help you with your options.